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Consumerism over Capitalism

written by Uncle Sam January 8, 2017

Consumerism can defeat anything, because capitalism is vulnerable to it. I had a company for a short time (about 10 years ago) that enabled advertisers on the big ad exchanges to specify which sites they refused to have their ads appear on. This was a “non-green filter” and the idea came after seeing a truck ad bragging how it crushed environmentalists on the way to the top of the mountain — on Treehugger! I’m going to dig up those EPP docs I created as now we’ve something similar, very similar actually, but with real momentum to make a difference. Look up the works of Pagan Kennedy!
It’s a photo finish to salvation folks. Just as it looks like we’re going to get too swamped to rise above the tide, our inexorably growing consciousness lifts us above the swirl. When the President-elect says to a breastfeeding mom: “You’re disgusting,” and then storms out of the room, which he did to Elizabeth Beck, he’s literally trying to take our humanity away from us (because he and his buddies want to sell us a replacement). It’s straight up sexism and classism. Which, along with lookism, ageism and racism, are the coin of his realm, and what capitalism feeds on. But the movement to replace money values with human values is not dead, not by a long shot. Here comes the Pope to lead the revolution. If our women are free, we can be free.

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