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Standing Up Against the Wall

written by Uncle Sam January 15, 2017

Relatives separated by deportation and immigration wave to people standing on the US side from the border during a brief reunification meeting at the banks of the Rio Bravo, a natural border between U.S. and Mexico, October 29, 2016.Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters

The US-Mexico border wall is worth standing up to. We have some experience and momentum to leverage from Standing Rock. This odious toad of a genuflecting tyrant deserves a ire rebuke where it matters.

We are done talking shit about Donald Trump. It isn’t worth our breath. He owns politics. He owns the media. Fair enough. Never been done before, but technically fair enough. However, he doesn’t get to be President of the Untied States and also sell us Donald Trump steaks. That is not my country. And yes, you can theoretically bully your way to the top (obviously, you can for real). It’s kind of An American Joke/Myth – the nasty ass fucker that powers his way to the top. But to do it in plain sight with no shame, playing all the sycophants off each other, dropping a truth bomb every so often just to keep things interesting, and spouting his own inner workings of his brain as edicts from on high, weird oracular pronouncements that the sybaritic lie in wait to interpret. Sheesh. So, OK anyway, no way. You can’t run branded shit with your name in the marketplace and also run the rule that makes the marketplace.

If the USA was about anything, it was about two things: religious freedom and personal freedom. I would argue with that given the winsome and original intent of the founding fathers, yes, a built in expectation to privacy, so basic it didn’t even need to be spelled out, but it’s in there, and it’s what holds the whole thing together. If we really mean it you are free to worship, then it goes who saying you can’t be outed. why would you allow for stoking the mob if the point of the country is to squelch the mob. to trade the mob in for an informed voting populace. That’s the goal. When the goal fails, the chance for a dictator to come in and run the media and use that the get the politics. Ok, he did that, but he’s going for the trifecta, the triple crown, and he’s not getting the derby, people. He is not getting the derby. No. No, no. No, no, no. He is not. We need to powerfully boycott all his brands and insist on others to join suit. We can talk about Putin. We can talk about Russia and give him all that, give him treating america as a business, repairing the VA, but the idea of a wall between my country and Mexico is repugnant to me as an American and I won’t let it happen so long as I am one.

We love Mexico. We don’t want to make a war with you. We do not want or need a wall. We will not have a wall. We have been silent for too long. Hey Mexico, we need to speak with a loud voice that this is nuts, fucking loco shit, and don’t worry, there isn’t gonna be no wall. We are going to show up and shut that shit down. We three countries are gonna get closer together. First of all, California fused into a new entity, true California, from Baja to Cabo… (To be continued in a later post that is still being just stated called California Dreaming).

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